Lush Spring Prize 2023. Apply by 19 Sept 2022

Applications are now open for the Lush Spring Prize 2023. There is a £200,000 prize fund to support communities, organisations and businesses from anywhere in the world.

The competition is open to organisations that are working to repair the earth’s damaged systems and to re-shape human interactions and processes into being healthy and life-giving. Activities should bring people and communities together to share their skills and experience of social and environmental regeneration.

The prize categories are:

  • Intentional Award – at least 4 awards of up to £10,000 for great new ideas and projects up to 1 year old, to help build knowledge and a solid foundation from which to grow.
  • Young Award – at least 3 awards of up to £20,000 for projects or organisations that are 1-5 years old, to help develop their environmental and social regeneration work.
  • Established Award – at least 2 awards of up to £25,000 for organisations that have worked towards regeneration for 5+ years, to help share knowledge and inspire more people and ideas.
  • Influence Award – at least 2 awards of up to £25,000 for local, national or international organisations and networks that have a core focus on campaigning or lobbying to influence policy, regulation or public opinion in support of regeneration.
  • Two additional collaborative prizes – with prize funds of £10,000 and £15,000

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To support work that takes a holistic approach to solving environmental, social and economic challenges with the aim of restoring health and resilience

Application deadline:

19 September 2022

Fund description: