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Fund title: Henry Smith Charity: Holiday grants for children

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To contribute towards the costs of recreational trips or holidays for children who are disadvantaged or have disabilities

Application deadline:

21 July 2017; 17 November 2017

Fund description:

Grants are available for schools, youth groups, not-for-profit organisations and charities to provide access to recreational trips or holidays in the UK for groups of children who experience disadvantage or who have disabilities. Activities for children aged 13 and under can be supported.

The charity is interested in supporting children who are located in an area of high deprivation, according to the National Indices of Deprivation. In particular, in funding trips for children in geographical areas that fall within the bottom 20% of these indices. The charity is also interested in assisting children who do not have any contributions towards the costs of the trip from their parent(s) or carer(s).

Grants are between £500 and £2,500.

Further information: