Fund title: Funding for Public Service Mutuals

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Government support for organisations that wish to become or grow as a Public Service Mutual

Application deadline:


Fund description:

The government has announced that £1.7m is available for organisations that wish to become or grow as Public Service Mutuals*.

£1.2 million will be available to create new Mutuals, or strengthen existing ones, by providing access to advice including legal, financial, marketing, human resources and business planning.

£500,000 will be used to pilot support programmes such as partnership working to help Mutuals collaborate with voluntary, community and social enterprise organisations and others to broaden the service they offer. There will also be a mentoring scheme and a peer support network.

Organisations can check if they are eligible for funding by contacting the Mutuals Team at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport on:

*A Public Service Mutual is an organisation that: i) has left the public sector (also known as ‘spinning out’) ii) continues to deliver public services and aims to have a positive social impact iii) has a significant degree of staff influence or control in the way it is run.

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