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Fund title: Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agency Start-Up Support

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Organisations can apply to be included on the register of Flexi-Job Apprenticeship Agencies and get access to funding to help set up as a new agency

Application deadline:

6 October 2021

Fund description:

The government has launched a £7 million fund to support the development of flexi-job apprenticeship agencies. The aim is to make it easier for employers in all sectors to make full use of apprenticeships.

Flexi-job apprenticeship agencies will be the apprentice’s employer for the duration of their apprenticeship while placing the apprentice with other host employers for short-term placements. This will enable apprentices to move between businesses as they complete their apprenticeship, while remaining employed throughout by the agency.

Sector bodies, groups of employers and other interested organisations are now invited to apply to be registered as flexi-job apprenticeship agencies. This will provide access to the £7m fund to support new agencies with their start-up costs.

You will need to be successful in your application to the register before you can apply for support from the £7m grant, but you can apply for both at the same time.

Further information: