Fund title: ERA-NETs Joint Call: Towards Sustainable and Organic Food Systems

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Funding for international collaborative research projects to develop more sustainable food production systems. There will be a £300,000 budget for the UK.

Application deadline:

4 November 2019

Fund description:

Funding will be made available to public-private partnerships of organisations collaborating across international borders to develop innovative approaches to sustainable food production and consumption. The funding comes from two ‘ERA-NET’ (research collaboration) initiatives working together: SUSFOOD which covers the entire food supply chain, with the main focus on food chain sustainability beyond the farm gate; and CORE Organic which aims to improve the knowledge basis and innovation capacity necessary for supporting further development of organic food and farming.

Proposals under this joint call must create added value for sustainable and organic food systems. It is about developing innovative ways of moving from current food production systems towards more sustainable, cyclical systems while at the same time ensuring that we have a diverse, healthy, safe and attractive diet.

The budget for the UK is £300,000 which is being contributed by Defra to enable UK organisations to participate in three of the call topics:

Topic 1: Resource-efficient, circular and zero-waste food systems
Topic 2: Diversity in food from field to plate
Topic 3: Mild food processing

Research consortia must consist of at least three eligible independent legal entities from a minimum of three different partner countries participating with funding.

Further information: