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Fund title: Energy Entrepreneurs Fund

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Capital grants of up to £1m to support small and medium-sized enterprises, other businesses and research organisations to develop low carbon ideas of the future

Application deadline:

Register by 26 February 2021. Apply by 30 March 2021.

Fund description:

The Energy Entrepreneurs Fund (EEF) is a competitive funding scheme to support the development and demonstration of state-of-the-art technologies, products and processes in the areas of energy efficiency, power generation and heat and electricity storage. Phase 8A of the EEF is now open to applications, with £11 million available for allocation.

The grants are for research and development projects that help to achieve the UK’s 2050 Net Zero carbon targets. The funding can be used for the development of energy efficiency and building technologies or for power generation and storage. This could include insulation, glazing and ventilation, advanced lighting and heating/cooling technologies etc. as well as cleantech ideas around power generation and storage such fuel-cells, solar, energy from waste, heat pumps and bio-fuels.

The scheme primarily aims to assist small- and medium-sized enterprises, including start-ups. Other private-sector organisations irrespective of size, collaborative proposals and ‘research organisations’ are also eligible.

Businesses may apply for capital grants of up to £1 million. Private-sector matched funding of at least 10% of total project costs is required – there are different grant rates depending on the type of applicant and type of project. The total project costs must not exceed £2.5m

There is a short online form that applicants need to complete to register their interest and to receive access to the full application form.

Further information: