Fund title: Electrical Waste Re-Use and Recycling: grants and loans

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Loans for electrical waste treatment facilities and grants for charity sector reuse organisations

Application deadline:

Applications for loans should be submitted by the end of May; grant application process tba

Fund description:

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Fund (WEEE Fund) has announced a grants and loans package to help support the electrical waste reuse and recycling sector as a result of the impact of the coronavirus.

The package will help support the continuation of the UK WEEE reuse and recycling system as the sector deals with the impact of the coronavirus. The funding will provide £5 million of interest free loans to electrical waste treatment facilities and £0.6 million of grants to charity sector reuse organisations.

Applications for the loans are open until end May 2020. Loans are available to all registered commercial treatment facilities for WEEE, based on the evidence they issued for the treatment they undertook in 2019. The application process for the grants will be confirmed shortly.

Further information: