Fund title: Doing What Matters

Focus of fund/fund aims:

A Devon County Council grant to connect people in a positive, fulfilling and inclusive way: tackling and reducing loneliness and undesired isolation of all types and across all age groups

Application deadline:

Open to Expressions of Interest at any time. Projects must be completed by March 2020.

Fund description:

Not-for-profit organisations, including voluntary, community and social enterprises, town and parish councils, charities and businesses, can apply to a new Devon County Council grant fund to tackle loneliness and isolation among people in Devon.

The new Doing What Matters Grant Fund has a revenue budget of £300,000 for 2019/20 which is to be used to support projects which:

  • build relationships and connections locally, across all age groups
  • help people to become more physically active
  • help people to take notice of their local environment
  • develop opportunities for culture, creativity or learning
  • support giving across local people and communities, including volunteering
  • make people feel safer locally

Grants will be between £5,000 and £20,0000 at a maximum of 75% of project costs.

Further information: