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Fund title: Cultural Development Fund: Round Two

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Capital funding for creative and cultural initiatives that contribute to economic and social recovery in places in England

Application deadline:

EoI by 23 July 2021. Full application by 15 October 2021

Fund description:

The Cultural Development Fund has a total budget of £18.5million for 2021/22 to provide capital investment in creative and cultural initiatives in places across England.

Planned activities should seek to go beyond economic outputs to consider the social benefits of the proposed projects, with a focus on boosting civic pride through the development and renewal of local institutions and assets. Applicants will therefore need to show that their activities will achieve the following outcomes for their area:

  • unlock local economic growth and productivity
  • become more attractive places in which to live, work, visit and invest
  • strengthen local leadership, partnerships and capability

Grants of between £2m and £5m are available for:

  • Capital investment in physical space (construction projects) for cultural and creative sectors
  • Capital investment in other assets for cultural and creative sectors eg. equipment for outdoor events and festivals

There is also some revenue funding (up to £700,000 per project) available for complementary activities including project staffing, cultural development programmes, facilitating community engagement, skills development, training and capacity building.

It is expected that applications will be from a partnership for the area, led by a local authority, Local Enterprise Partnership, or other appropriate body, who would lead a consortium of partners from both the public and private sector.

Further information: