Fund title: Creative Innovation & Growth Programme

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Business support and grants to develop new products and services, increase sufficiency and encourage innovative ways of working in the Adult Social Care Sector in Devon.

Application deadline:

Expressions of Interest can be submitted at any time

Fund description:

The Creative Innovation & Growth (CIAG) Programme supports Adult Social Care businesses and organisations in Devon. There are three elements within this package: the CIAG Grants Fund; CIAG Business Support; & CIAG Leadership Development.

The CIAG Grants Fund is for outreach and ‘edge of care’ activities to promote and support independence; connect people to their communities; keep people healthier for longer; and reduce the need for statutory intervention. The funding also aims to encourage innovation; take-up of new technology; new delivery models; and partnership developments

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that, as their primary purpose, provide social and/or health care to adults in Devon can apply for funding. There is a full list of eligibility criteria on the CIAG Grants Fund web page.

Revenue grants can be up to £40,000; capital or mixed capital/revenue grants can be up to £80,000. Applicants need to provide at least 50% (40% for not-for-profit organisations) of total project costs in match funding.

Further information: