Fund title: COSME: Social Economy Missions

Focus of fund/fund aims:

To enhance inter-regional collaboration across the EU among organisations with interest and expertise in the social economy and improve collaboration between existing social economy networks at regional and local level

Application deadline:

26 September 2019

Fund description:

The COSME Social Economy Missions programme will support partnerships of organisations with an interest and expertise in the social economy to collaborate with other regions in Europe. The aim is to develop networks and create a permanent community of practice.

The programme provides an opportunity for regions and cities with similar social economy objectives to share best practice and use existing synergies in order to improve inter-regional collaboration.

Proposals must address only one of the following four social economy priorities/topics:

  • socially responsible public procurement
  • education framework for social economy
  • tackling regional/local unemployment via social economy model
  • social economy clusters

Applications should be made by consortia composed of a minimum of three different legal entities located in at least three EU countries. The consortium must include at least one public authority at regional or local level from each country represented in the consortium. Social enterprises and other public or private entities specialising in the social economy can also participate in consortia.

The maximum grant per project is €50,000 with a maximum grant rate of 90% of eligible costs.

Note that although UK participants would cease to receive EU funding if the UK withdraws from the EU without an agreement during the grant period, funding is guaranteed from the UK government up until the end of 2020.

Further information: