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Fund title: Changing Places Toilets Programme

Focus of fund/fund aims:

District and Unitary authorities can register their interest in receiving an allocation from the £30m fund to install Changing Places toilets in existing buildings, allowing people with complex needs greater access to public places

Application deadline:

26 September 2021

Fund description:

Local authorities can now apply to the new £30 million fund to increase the number of Changing Places toilet facilities across existing buildings in England. The funding will improve access for people who cannot use standard accessible toilets.

Changing Places toilets are larger accessible toilets for people who cannot use standard disabled toilets, with equipment such as hoists, curtains, adult-sized changing benches and space for carers.

District and Unitary authorities can now express an interest in receiving a proportion of the funding so that they can install Changing Places facilities in existing buildings, for example leisure and sports, cinemas, and arts and tourism venues. They are encouraged to work with local organisations that are interested in having a Changing Places toilet in their venue/building.

The Changing Places Toilets Programme Prospectus sets out the rationale and process for allocating the funding. This is partly geographical, to ensure that the supply of facilities across the country aligns with the demand but also takes into account value for money and the quality of the proposals submitted.

Further information: