Environment focused fund updates

Changing the Environment

Funding for large-scale inter-disciplinary research proposals that produce innovative solutions to environmental challenges Continue reading

Postcode Neighbourhood Trust

Grants to help voluntary organisations and charities to adapt or expand their services and to increase their resilience in response to COVID-19 Continue reading

Zoo Animals Fund

Grants for zoos and aquariums requiring additional support with caring for their animals following a reduction in income caused by the coronavirus pandemic Continue reading

Culture Recovery Fund for Heritage

Government grants to support organisations in the heritage sector to recover from the impact of COVID-19 Continue reading

Postcode Local Trust

Grants for improving outdoor spaces, encouraging biodiversity and promoting sustainability Continue reading

Green Recovery Challenge Fund

Funding to help charities and other organisations to employ more people to work on nature conservation and to help the public to enjoy the outdoors. Continue reading

Climate Pledge Fund

Venture capital from Amazon for companies anywhere in the world that are developing products or services that reduce carbon emissions and help preserve the natural world Continue reading

Innovate UK: Research & Development grants

Grants for research and development. Latest opportunities include Young Innovators’ Awards for 18 to 30 year olds with innovative business ideas and Designing Sustainable Plastic Solutions to find ways of reducing the amount of persistent plastic waste entering the environment Continue reading

Ecover: Fertilise the Future

A new scheme to provide grants for innovative ideas that demonstrate an environment-friendly approach to sustainable development Continue reading

Tree Council: Branching Out Fund

Small grants for community tree-planting projects during the Winter 2020/21 Continue reading

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