Fund title: Business Basics Fund 2

Focus of fund/fund aims:

The Business Basics Fund aims to test innovative ways of encouraging SMEs to adopt existing technologies and business practices that boost productivity.

Application deadline:

17 April 2019

Fund description:

There is a total of £2million available through Round 2 of the Business Basics Fund. The funding is for trials to build evidence on how to encourage SMEs to adopt productivity boosting technology or management practices in England.

There are three parts to the competition:

Proof of concept projects – for early-stage initiatives

Business-led trials – UK-based businesses of any size may apply, with other businesses; the public sector; and academic, research and technology organisations participating as collaborators.

Non-business-led trials – UK-based public sector bodies, universities, research and technology organisations, charities and non-profit companies may apply, with businesses participating as collaborators.

Projects across all opportunities should look at how SMEs can become more productive through one or more of the following:

  • adopting tried-and tested technologies, such as accountancy, CRM, HR and payment systems
  • adopting modern business practices
  • improving the use of technologies and practices already active within the business

The maximum grant is £60,000 for a proof-of-concept project or £400,000 for a trial.

Further information: