Fund title: Barclays LifeSkills

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Support for young people to set up a Crowdfunding campaign for an idea that benefits their local area

Application deadline:


Fund description:

The Barclays LifeSkills programme uses the Spacehive crowdfunding platform to get young people running fundraising campaigns that develop skills such as marketing a project, writing press releases, creating videos, & pitching to local businesses.

LifeSkills is a free programme to help young people unlock the employability skills and the experience they need to get the jobs they want. LifeSkills gives young people the advice and support they need to get ready for the world of work. The programme offers education resources, online activities, events and work experience opportunities.

As part of the programme, young people with the best projects on Spacehive have the opportunity to receive up to £500 from LifeSkills towards their fundraising target.

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