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Fund title: Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants

Focus of fund/fund aims:

The programme is re-opening to help fund individual artists and a broad range of arts organisations including museums and libraries

Application deadline:

April 2021

Fund description:

The National Lottery Projects Grants are open to all individual artists, community and cultural organisations to support arts, museums and libraries projects. There is a budget of £59.8million available from 22 July 2020 until April 2021.

The programme can support projects that directly create and deliver creative and cultural activity and content for audiences, visitors and digital users, and also those that have a longer-term impact on strengthening the arts sector, such as organisational development, research and development and sector support.

In response to COVID-19, there are several changes to the scheme:

  • no requirement for match funding
  • all libraries can apply for new creative and cultural projects; public libraries can also apply for activities relating to reading, culture & creativity, information & digital or heath & wellbeing
  • broader criteria for museums projects

Grants are from £1,000 to £100,000.

Further information: