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Fund title: Farming Innovation Programme

Focus of fund/fund aims:

Research funding to support new ideas, technologies and processes in the farming sector that help farmers and growers to become more productive and enable the sector to be more environmentally sustainable and resilient.

Application deadline:

Research Starter Projects: 24 November 2021. Feasibility Projects & Small R&D Partnership Projects: 1 December 2021

Fund description:

Defra is launching new funding schemes to support ambitious research and development projects that will benefit England’s farmers, growers, foresters and other businesses. The schemes are part of the new Farming Innovation Programme which aims to boost productivity, enhance sustainable practices, improve environmental outcomes and reduce carbon emissions in England’s agricultural and horticultural sectors.

Three competitions have been announced:

Research Starter Projects
To help farmers and growers with bold, ambitious early-stage ideas develop them further and build a collaborative team – for those who haven’t previously received Innovate UK funding. Expressions of Interest are currently invited: Project cost details are not required at the EoI stage. At the full application stage your project’s total eligible costs must be between £28,000 and £56,000.

Feasibility Projects
To test the feasibility of early-stage solutions and to inform decisions on subsequent larger scale R&D projects. Your project’s total eligible costs must be between £200,000 and £500,000.

Small R&D Partnership Projects
To carry out R&D for innovative solutions that have the potential to substantially improve overall productivity, sustainability and resilience of the sector. Your project’s total eligible costs must be between £1million and £3million.

Further information:

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