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Agriculture is Devon's major industry and farmers have to use the public highway regularly in the course of their work but so do the public. It is therefore important that the farming community are aware of their rights and responsibilities as far as the highway is concerned.

Mud on Roads

Occupiers of land have a duty not to obstruct the public highway or do anything that could inconvenience or endanger the public while they use the highway. It is an offence under the Highways Act to allow soil or refuse from land adjacent to a public highway to fall, be washed, or carried on to the road.This is also an offence under Devon Bylaw 22. Mud and muck from vehicles and animals are a potential hazard to other road users and can be the cause of collisions.

Cattle grid

Cattle grids

These are used on the public roads in Devon to prevent livestock wandering beyond the areas where they are allowed to roam freely. When it is necessary to replace one, the highway authority ensures it is hedgehog friendly.

Further information can be found in our leaflet on Farming and the Public Highway image - PDF icon (652KB - pdf help)

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