Opening up our data

As a county council we generate lots of data.  Some of it contains very sensitive information so is stored securely and cannot be made public, but a lot of the rest could be made available.

If there is some data that you think we may have that you would like access to please leave a comment using the form below. This will also help us prioritise which data to release.

Information Asset register
The register contains 2,500 entries listing the information assets held by the council, along with the subjects and functions they support.  Subjects are shown as URIs based on the ESD Subjects list.

The data are available in CSV format.
This is a snapshot of the data, which hasn’t been updated for some time, so it should be used with caution. If you have any queries please contact the County Council’s Information Governance Team.

3 thoughts on “Opening up our data

  1. Martin Everett

    Message to Lucy Knight: I am enjoying your presentation on the Open Data Livestream. If it helps you, as a waste specialist I can now look at Local Authority open data on procurement records to check if Councils are using waste contractors who would cause us concern. -I just had a look at the data for Devon. I am also interested in data on registered business rates as this can be used to give intelligence on likely waste production in an Authority area. One of your earlier slides included a “black box” process around converting existing data into open data. In my experience this can be challenging, especially where we are dealing with legacy databases and where Excel Pivot Tables offer more complex ways to summarise large amounts of data. I have come up with a data conversion protocol, if you use anything similar I would be very interested. Martin Everett, Environment Agency, West Midlands.

  2. Eline van Dis

    My name is Eline van Dis from Wageningen University, the Netherlands. I am doing research on the development plans in Exmouth. For my research I am looking for economic statistics from Exmouth regarding the regeneration of the seafront. I have found that several numbers get mentioned on the East Devon District Council website regarding the regeneration of Exmouth, but I can’t find the statistics these are based on. For example, expected jobs that will be created by the development. I am thus looking for economic reports and forecasts of the development plans, as well as statistics on the funding. I hope that you can help me out.

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