Update your contact details – Issues contacting you

Please remember to update your phone number and email address by emailing the helpdesk eyef@devon.gov.uk.

We have been phoning providers chasing the annual survey and cancelling network meetings due to the weather and have discovered that some contact details are out of date. Issues include:

  • Numbers no longer in use – please make sure you update us if you change your telephone number.
  • No way to leave an answerphone message – It would also be worth considering having an answer phone for business so we can leave messages
  • phone numbers not accepting incoming calls from unknown numbers which includes Devon County Council’s telephone system – please can you ensure that you provide a number that can accept calls from Devon County Council numbers.
  • email addresses no longer in use – please make sure you update us when you change your email address.

Please make sure you update your details so that we can get important messages to you.