Update – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – Early Years and Childcare Providers (including school run provision) and DFE Survey

Devon County Council have been able to secure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) items for use by those early years and childcare providers that are open for children of both critical workers and vulnerable children.

This PPE includes gloves, aprons and hand sanitiser.

We have been notified that PPE items should be delivered to a number of locations across Devon by the end of this week. Once we know that the deliveries have been received, a member of the Early Years and Childcare Service will contact providers to arrange for the delivery of gloves, hand sanitisers and aprons to their setting.

Please note, due to the pressures upon other services for PPE e.g. social care, health and residential care etc, (we have no control over what items are delivered or the quantities – so please bear with us.)

We would also ask that if on being contacted there are items of PPE that you do not require, as you already have sufficient stocks, then please refrain from taking any further items as these can be used by other providers who need them.

As you may have heard from the national news, there is a huge call on PPE equipment and Devon County Council is doing all that it can to ensure front line services can receive the resources needed).

Going forward, we are hoping that Devon County Council will be able to continue to source PPE resources on a regular basis throughout this difficult time. We of course will keep you updated.

DFE Return

All early years and childcare providers should complete a short online survey every Monday and Thursday. Completion of the survey is a requirement of the ‘Provider Funding Agreement’. It will also be a condition of accessing any additional financial support.

The data derived from the survey is used to make a return to the DFE so they can gauge what provision is available and whether critical workers children and vulnerable children are using it. The data will also be used locally for various purposes; over the coming weeks it will help us to know where to deliver hand sanitiser, gloves and aprons and to manage the amount of resource that is distributed.

Complete the DFE survey here.