Clarification about reporting on suspected and confirmed Covid cases

Update from Val Smith, Senior Manager (Early Years and Childcare Service) on COVID testing:

We have received a number of queries from early years providers about why Devon County Council are asking them to let us know not only when they have a confirmed case of COVID-19 but also if they have suspected cases.

We understand that this is an additional administrative task for providers, however Devon County Council have a responsibility to monitor possible and confirmed cases of Covid-19 in high risk settings (such as schools, care homes and early years settings).

By sharing suspected cases it allows us to monitor the prevalence across the county, as well as where there might be rising numbers of possible/confirmed cases in individual settings, particularly where children attend more than one setting or have siblings attending a different setting.

This is vital information and helps inform public health measures and will help provide early indications and patterns of potential community transmission so is an important part of scrutinising what is happening on the ground.

We understand the time taken to add personal details, therefore for suspected cases only, personal details are not required, so please state ‘unknown’ in the relevant field.

Thank you.

Val Smith, Senior Manager (Early Years and Childcare Service).