Updates from the Early Years Funding Team

30 hour funding for Autumn Term 2021

This is our 30 hour termly update that we send to all providers to ensure that 30 hour funding is available for eligible families and children in Devon.  It is important that children who are newly funded or who move to you from 1st September 2021 still have an eligible code as the Grace Period will not apply. Nor does the Grace Period apply to children who want to increase from the universal hours to extended hours when eligibility has ended.

The template letter is to help you communicate with all parents and can be sent via email so the links take them directly to the HMRC website.  Please don’t forget the parents of those children who have enquired about spaces from September.

Thank you for your support and we hope that this helps you to identify what funding is available for the Autumn term so that charges to parents can be confirmed promptly.


Autumn Term Forecast Payments

Autumn Term Forecast Payments will be processed in August so payments can be made during the first week of September.

An email will be sent to all funded Childminders and Out of School Providers asking them to provide their estimated number of termly hours for 2 Year olds (where applicable) and 3 & 4 Year olds for the Autumn term and a 75% forecast will be processed based on these figures. The email will be sent week commencing 26th July so please could we ask you to keep a look out for this and respond to the email when received.

Group Based Providers/Academies (not Devon Schools) will receive a forecast payment which will be calculated at 50% of summer headcount (please refer to the “Total” amount on page 1 of your Financial Breakdown Report, issued via the Provider Portal). If you expect your funding to be significantly higher/lower than this and would like an amended forecast please email your estimated termly hours for 2 Year Olds (where applicable) and 3 & 4 Year Olds for the Autumn term to eyef@devon.gov.uk by 22nd August 2021 and your forecast will be recalculated.