Two Year Old Funding

Please follow the process below for any children that you think may be eligible for two year old funding:

Golden Tickets with an ‘MM’ number, the first six digits of this number MUST match the date of birth of the child. If it doesn’t, please ask the parent to make an application online via the Citizen’s Portal

  • Golden Tickets with a ‘ZZ’ number, please email the details to our Early Years mailbox Please include the name of the child, their date of birth, the ‘ZZ’ number and the start date at your setting. Golden tickets with a ‘ZZ’ number will gradually be phased out but there are still some in circulation.
  • Golden Tickets with no number, please direct the parent to the Citizens Portal to make an application.
  • TYF878 – These are the Citizen’s Portal application references and the number alone is not sufficient. You will need to see an email, portal message or letter sent to the parent to confirm eligibility.

You do not need to email the details of any ‘MM’ numbers that match the child’s date of birth or any TYF878 references as we have the details of those children.

You must email us the details of ‘ZZ’ numbers (as above) and copies of any letters/emails from other Local Authorities to confirm eligibility including TYF’s that are not 878.

Unfortunately the Early Years Helpdesk are unable to confirm eligibility either by email or over the telephone.