Two year old funding – an update regarding golden/purple tickets for autumn 2020

Golden tickets have now been sent to parents/carers of eligible children. This ticket will include an MM number. Please ensure that the first six digits of this number match the date of birth of the child.

Purple tickets have been sent to families of those children who may be eligible but have not been identified. The purple ticket advises the parent/carer to make an application via the Citizens Portal.

Once the parent has made an application they will receive a reference number starting TYF878. Please note that this is an application reference and not proof of entitlement. You will need to see a Portal/Email message to confirm eligibility.

The current batch of purple tickets also contains a ZZ number used for internal purposes only. Please ignore the ZZ number as this will not be accepted.

We automatically update our records for Golden Tickets with an MM number and applications made via the Citizens Portal so you do not need to contact the helpdesk to confirm eligibility or provide details with regards to these children.

Early Years Funding Team.