To receive the extended entitlement funding in September all 11 digit codes must be validated by 31 August 2017

A parent will receive an 11 digit code through the Digital Childcare Service (link to Childcare Service) when they are found to be eligible for the extended entitlement by HMRC. Parents take this code to their chosen provider who must validate it with Devon County Council before a place can be confirmed. This must be done before 31 August 2017 to claim funding for Autumn Term 2017. To validate the eligibility code, providers must:

  • Log onto the Provider Portal.
  • Click on the ’30 Hours Extended Entitlement’ icon or click link at the top of the portal.
  • Click on run a new check
  • Enter the Childs Forename, Surname, Date of birth as well as parent/carers NI number and
  • Eligibility code (11 digit number)

You will receive an instant response as to whether the code is valid.

For further information please see the Eligibility Code Checking Guide.