Things to do before the end of term…

It is a really busy time of year and there are lots of changes so here is a quick checklist of things to do:

  1. Read the Early Years Funding Provider Agreement, complete and return the form by 14 JulyMore information
  2. Review your admissions policy (and criteria) and share with parents by the end of term
  3. Review your fee structure and share with parents by the end of term
  4. Decide on a model of delivery from September and tell parents how they can access the extended entitlement and the universal entitlement by the end of term
  5. Update your details on Pinpoint to tell parents what you will be offering from September
  6. Ensure that all parents of three- and four-year-olds are aware of the extended entitlement, have checked their eligibility and if found eligible, have shared their 11 digit eligibility code by the end of term
  7. Validate the 11 digit code for those children eligible for the extended entitlement (even if they are not using the extended entitlement with you) through the Provider Portal by 31 August
  8. Register for Tax-Free Childcare by 31 August
  9. Sign up for an Egress Switch Account by 31 August to send and receive secure emails
  10. Sign up for the Friday Digest and follow us on Facebook

If you have any questions, please contact your Early Years and Childcare Advisor (01392 383000).