The Children’s Commissioner’s The Big Ask…and The Big Answer

Earlier this year, The Children’s Commissioner asked all children in England to complete a survey, to show the true voice of this generation. The results are in and The Children’s Commissioner would like to say thank you. Over half a million children responded, the largest survey of its kind in history, and at a landmark moment for young people growing up in this country.

At a critical time, as we emerge from the pandemic, children have told us how the past year has affected them and what needs to happen now to put them at the heart of the recovery. Despite the sacrifices they have made, the majority of children say they are happy.

Children were united – they told us they want to get back to school, to get on, and do well. To have fulfilling lives. Children cared deeply about their family, their communities, their wellbeing and are an ambitious, excited generation. They want to make a contribution to a better world, a greener world, rooted in fairness of opportunity for everyone. The Children’s Commissioner is now making sure children are being heard.

You can read the full report and use the resources to share the results with your pupils and students.