Summer Term Amendment Payments/Autumn Term Forecast Payments

The deadline for the summer term amendment task was 31st August 2020. We are currently processing the data and payments will be made at the end of September.

Conflict messages have been sent via the provider portal. If you have received a message please refer to the portal message sent on the 14 July 2020 entitled ‘Shared Funding for Summer Term – Conflicts’ and the link within to the ‘Provider Process for pupils sharing Early Years Funding’. Please do not copy the helpdesk in to any email communication between yourself and the other provider/s until the claim has been agreed.

Autumn Term forecast payments have been processed for Childminders (70%) and Group Based Providers, not schools (50% of summer headcount payment). If you were expecting a forecast payment and haven’t received one please contact the helpdesk Your forecast payment may have been reduced if funding was overpaid for the Summer Term Headcount (Summer forecast was greater than Summer headcount claim). This should show on your Remittance Advice and also on your Summer Payment Breakdown report.

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