Summer Funding Update for Early Years Providers

Further to the DfE Guidance released this week, Devon will not be reducing Summer payments to providers and redistributing Early Years Funding for sufficiency purposes.

As previously advised, we will maintain funding for Summer Term (using Spring pupil data) and we can now confirm that newly eligible children, who would be due to start their funding space in Summer, due to date of birth eligibility, can be added to your claim as if they were in attendance.  This applies for settings that are open or closed.

Funding for critical workers or vulnerable children will follow the child to the setting at which they attend.  For settings that are open, please ensure you include all your critical worker and vulnerable children on your headcount task who are eligible for funding.  For settings that are closed, please contact your parents to confirm if they are attending elsewhere and adjust your Headcount Task.

Full details will be issued next week when the Task is issued on the Provider Portal.