Summer Amendment Task

The Summer Amendment Task is now open for providers to make any changes to the funding claimed on the Headcount Task submitted in May.  Due to the volume of data changes that may have occurred this term due to the COVID pandemic, the deadline for submitting the Amendment Task is Sunday 16th August.

We have re-issued the 570 report that tells you what hours are remaining for children to use for the remainder of the term as long as they don’t exceed their 15/30 hour entitlement each week.  There is a link to information regarding calculating claims for the Summer Term covering the lockdown period and where parents have had to choose 1 setting from 1st June.

We have also established a process to support providers who have children that share funding.  These often result in conflicts that need resolving and results in funding being reduced to providers and parents having to be charged which can be quite late in the term.  We hope the email templates available will help communications between settings so that claims can be confirmed and resolved promptly.

To access all this information please view your Provider Portal Account.