Spring Term Headcount Task – Deadline Sunday 26th January 2020

The deadline for submissions for Spring term Headcount is 11.59pm on Sunday 26th January 2020. If you haven’t submitted your task/s to date please submit them at the earliest opportunity in case you experience any ICT issues, and prior to the deadline. It is important to complete your Headcount Task so that the correct funding can be allocated to your setting. If parents are sharing the funding we need to identify any overclaims at the earliest opportunity so that providers can make charges to parents promptly.

If you have no funded children this term, simply submit a nil return and this will prevent you from receiving any routine reminders.

If the deadline is missed, and a task is subsequently reissued, it will be subject to an administrative charge as per our Provider Agreement.

Our Helpdesk will be open until 16.30 on Friday 24th January 2020 should you have any queries or questions.

Kind regards
Early Years Funding Team