Spring Term forecast

Spring Term forecast payments are currently being processed.


If you would like a forecast payment, and haven’t already requested one, please reply to the email that was sent on the 1st or 14th December 2020, with the total number of hours in the spring term for eligible two year olds and 3 & 4 year olds as applicable. Your forecast will be calculated at 75%.

Group Providers:

Your forecast payment has been calculated at 75% of your Autumn term Headcount payment. If your numbers have increased/decreased significantly and you would like us to recalculate your forecast, please email eyef@devon.gov.uk with the total number of hours for the spring term for eligible two year olds and 3 & 4 year old children as applicable. Please note that if you submit hours for your forecast to be adjusted, it will not take into account any EYPP or SEND payments that you receive and your forecast will be calculated purely on the hourly funding rates.

Deadline for any forecast requests/changes is Wednesday 23rd December 2020.