Spring Term Amendment Task and Spring Term Payments

Dear Provider,

Spring Term Amendment Task and Spring Term Payments

The spring term amendment task will be issued shortly with a deadline of Tuesday 31st March 2020.

Some records are still being affected by the multiple row issue which prevents the task from being submitted. Please can we ask that you check your task at the earliest opportunity and email our helpdesk  with the subject ‘Multiple Rows’ if you are affected by this issue. Please do not start to input any changes to data until you have been advised that the issue has been resolved as you may not be able to save the information.

Please can we ask all providers to submit their spring term amendment task at the earliest opportunity. Once submitted, if you find that you have further changes to make, you are able to update the task at any time prior to the deadline but please remember to resubmit so that the changes come through to us for processing.

It is a condition of funding that the task(s) is completed and submitted by the deadline each term and Providers must submit the task(s) even if no changes have been made (Page 25, Point 6.8 of our Provider Agreement refers).

Spring Term Headcount Payments will be made by Friday 6th March 2020.

If you need to contact us please email eyef@devon.gov.uk or telephone the helpdesk on 01392 385530.

Kind regards