Spring Headcount for Early Years Funding – 13th – 19th January

The Headcount Task has been issued ahead of Headcount week which runs from 13th January – 19th January.  Funded hours should not be input and submitted until next week just in case there are any changes.  The Spring Term will end on 31st March so term-time providers are likely to be claiming 11 weeks of funding and stretched providers 13 weeks of funding.  Any funded hours from 1st April will be claimed in your Summer Term Headcount.

However, you can complete your Data Quality – Address Checking.  The report provided lists all the addresses that you have provided and need to be checked.  If any need updating, please amend and submit.

If any of you had NEW 30 hour codes for existing children last term, that were checked ahead of the Spring Term and then needed the old codes reinstated for Autumn, please check that the EH icon is on the Task as these may need the new codes reinstated in our system.

Please remembers, any 30 hour codes with a start date from 1st January onwards, will not be funded until Summer Term (1st April/Summer Term).