SEND Individual Inclusion Funding

This is to confirm that the panel met last week to review Individual Inclusion Funding applications for Autumn 2022.

Autumn 22 funding will apply from 1st September and will be added to any Early Years funding claims made for the Autumn funding period (1st September – 31st December 2022).

Notifications have been sent via email to the settings Portal email address. Your notification confirms if funding has been approved, and if so, at what level.  Please note that you cannot forward these emails as they are sent by egress and can only be opened by the recipient.  You would need to save a copy of the email and then send a separate email securely to the relevant member of staff if required.

Any late applications that missed the 31st May 2022 deadline, have been put forward for the Emergency Panel Meeting which will be held in September.

Summer 22 funding for SEND will end on 31st August for any children that are starting school in September as this is when their Early Years funding will also end.