Safeguarding children: Users target Peppa Pig to distribute harmful material

Users have been targeting the children’s show Peppa Pig by distorting episodes so that they feature inappropriate content that has left children feeling frightened.

Internet users are targeting the children’s animation Peppa Pig by twisting the storylines and producing unsafe content for the age group by hiding them under the guise of official episodes.

Creators have designed the episodes to closely resemble the art of the TV show, with some legitimate clips of the show placed in between the harmful clips, so that it is difficult for parents or children to distinguish between episodes that are fake. A simple Google search will have parents and childminders stumble across the videos that were once placed on channels like YouTube Kids but have now been removed.

Some of the videos show Peppa Pig involved in knife attacks and abductions where the characters are taken by ‘gangster’ pigs, by being captured in a net and dragged into a forest while the characters are distressed. There is another video of Peppa Pig being viciously attacked in a forest by wild animals. A number of the videos have been viewed by other users over three million times.

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