Right for Children – Early Help case recording and Early Help work coaches

Right for Children – Early Help Case Recording

It is important that any family currently supported at a multi-agency level have their support/contact during COVID19 recorded as an observation on Right for Children. Attached is guidance on adding an observation but we also have new online bitesize videos found on the DCFP website.

If you are working with a family and require access to the system then please email: rightforchildren@devon.gov.uk and a log in will be created. This email address can also support with password resets, locked accounts or general enquiries about the system.

If you have any specific case queries for Exeter families then contact: earlyhelpexetersecure-mailbox@devon.gov.uk

Early Help Work Coaches

These past months during Covid have been, and continue to be, a difficult time for many families across Devon and has seen parents furloughed, sadly lose their employment and families struggling financially. I would like to remind you of our 4 Department for Work and Pensions, Early Help Work Coaches who are available to support families through our Devon Early Help offer.

Our Early Help work coaches are based in our four localities and bring with them knowledge and expertise of the local labour market, skills provision, employability support and work benefits and can provide a direct advisory role for families.

They are able to support families navigating the benefit system, ensuring they are claiming their entitlement. They are happy to provide on-going support for those looking to return to work with CV and employability or interview support and can provide advice on work experience placements, voluntary or permitted work and training opportunities. Better off calculations can be completed for individual families to show how much better off they would be if they returned to work. They are keen to work alongside partners agencies to support the whole family. The Early Help work coaches are happy to take direct referrals from agencies or can be accessed as part of a request for additional services (RFAS) through the daily Early Help Triage’s that are taking place across our four localities.

Early Help resources and downloads.