Process for two year old funding

A reminder of the process for children who are eligible for two year old funding.

  • Golden Tickets – please check that the first six digits of the MM number match the date of birth of the child.
  • Purple Tickets – please ask the parent/carer to make an application online via the Citizens Portal to check their eligibility
  • Citizens Portal (Online Applications) – Parent/carer will be issued with a code that starts TYF878. Please ask them to show you the Portal message or email that they would have received to confirm entitlement. Please note: the code alone is not sufficient as this is an application reference.
  • If the parent/carer has been awarded two year old funding by another Local Authority (not Devon) please email a copy of the evidence confirming eligibility to so we can update our records

We are not able to reissue Golden Tickets. If a parent has lost or misplaced their ticket please ask them to make an online application at to check their eligibility.

We automatically update our records for children with MM codes or TYF878 numbers who are eligible for two year old funding so please do not email the helpdesk with any details for these children or to confirm eligibility.

Kind regards