Private Fostering

The private fostering team work with children who for number of reasons are not living at home. Their team name is slightly misleading as they are not in foster care or looked after, it is usually either the parent or child (older children with capacity) who have made the arrangement. Please see attached leaflet which is usually helpful in understanding the definition of private fostering and the process.

Private Fostering’s role is to complete a 6 week assessment to ensure that the arrangement and child is safe and their holistic needs are being met especially those of their health, education and any additional needs. Children is this position will be in a more vulnerable position than children living at home. They will then visit the child every 6 weeks, offer guidance to the carers and monitor the situation.

Private Fostering are very aware that there may be children who we do not know about. Therefore are keen for our professional colleagues to identify children who have left home, moved in with other families and/or moved into the county from other parts of the country or overseas (which includes potential trafficking).

Contact the Private Fostering Team on 01392 381800 and ask for Fostering Team or to make a referral – the MASH Team on 0345 155 1071. More information can be found on 

For more information please see: Private Fostering Leaflet