Latex warning:

We have become aware that latex may be used in the manufacture of some face masks as well as gloves.  Latex can produce an allergic reaction in some individuals which can vary in severity from a runny nose and itchy eyes, to anaphylaxis.

Any product which contains a CE mark on the packaging, and where latex has been used in the manufacture of that product, will be labelled with the following symbol and/or appropriate warning on its packaging.

latex logo

If you have a CE marked boxes of masks which does not contain this symbol and/or warnings on the packaging, then the product should not contain latex.

If you have purchased any gloves or face masks that are not CE marked on the packaging, you should make enquires with the supplier to determine whether they contain latex if the packaging is not clear.

If you have any PPE which contains latex, you will need to refer this to your Health and Safety Competent Person. We would suggest that you provide information for all staff on the possible effects of a latex allergy for early warning, and what to do if they do develop any of the symptoms.

You should also undertake a risk assessment and attempt to identify any individuals who may be aware that they might have a latex allergy. Finally, we would suggest that you purchase additional stock of latex free products for those who develop symptoms, and look to phase out any PPE stock you hold which does contain latex.

Sourcing PPE:

We have been made aware that a number of providers have had difficulties in sourcing PPE. Where this occurs please contact Sue Bolt on 01392 383000 or email sue.bolt@devon.gov.uk and she will be able to assist by providing a list of suppliers.