Oral Health – E-learning, Brushing App and Poster

E-learning session for parents

The programme consists of one e-learning session that will take about 20 minutes to complete with a number of self-assessment questions throughout the learning which enable understanding of the key points to be checked. Further e-learning sessions are planned for 2019 to support the understanding of children’s oral health advice for the health and care workforce.

For more information about the e-learning programme and for details of how to access it visit: https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/programmes/childrens-oral-health/  

The e-learning assessment is available on the e-LfH Hub and via AICC links.

Brushing app

The free, award-winning Brush DJ app makes brushing your teeth fun! Watch the video to see all its features.


Save your tooth poster

What you should know about dental injuries of primary teeth?