Nursery Plus Outreach

To all Early Years Providers

Nursery Plus Outreach 6.1.2021

Further to the recent lockdown restrictions Nursery Plus have reviewed their approach to outreach support. They have currently paused direct face to face work with individual children in  settings. This is to reduce the risk of transmission within the community due to the potential increased risk of Nursery Plus practitioners coming into contact with asymptomatic children or adults where they cannot maintain a 2m distance and then visit further settings before anyone has symptoms. In this scenario they are likely to significantly increase the risk of community transmission. They have reviewed the mitigating factors and believe that they team can continue to offer onsite visits safely and maintain a COVID secure approach. These visits will be to complete observations and provide advice, guidance and activities to support the setting meet the needs of nursery plus children. However the number of settings is greatly reduced again to mitigate against community transmission. This will be reviewed next week and they are hoping that they can return to face to face support directly with children very soon. In the meantime if you need any support or advice Nursery Plus continue to provide remote support and can arrange to visit if you are needing additional support at this time. They are able to attend virtual meetings including TAFs and continue to support their base schools as required.