New Training Website, are you ready?

As of 29 January 2018 DEL Digital Learning will replace CPD Online as our Early Years Training website.

Please make sure you are ready for this move by visiting CPD Online to access your course certificates and training history.

Details on how to access your certificate and training history can be found in our handy guide.

DEL user accounts:

  • Practitioners that already have a DEL account can just carry on using these when we move over to the new website
  • Practitioners who have a CPD user account but don’t already have a DEL account will be sent user details in January 2018
  • Practitioners who don’t have a CPD or DEL account will need to have a DEL user account created. Please send your name, unique email address and setting name to:

User guides:

DEL user guides are currently being created and will soon be available for you to download from our website.