New Termly Survey for Providers

The new Termly Survey of Providers will replace the Annual Survey of Providers. The last Annual Survey we sent you was in January 2020, with the constant and rapid pace of change since then we decided that we need to collect information about your provision more often. The Spring Survey of Providers is the first of three surveys that you will be sent this year. Your responses will give us a much better idea about what early years and childcare is available for families across Devon with information that is more:

  • Current – we ask about the number and ages of that children you have booked to attend and the numbers of those that are actually in attendance on ‘capacity day’ 24th February 2021. This provides us with a realistic picture of demand by parents and of your capacity (how many children you are admitting) which will enable us to better plan to ensure that there is enough provision where and when parents need it.
  • Relevant – we want to know about your stability as a business; how you operate and how this may have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. By understanding this we can tailor the support that our team can give to you.
  • Reactive – we want to know if you have a waiting list or unfilled places so we can foresee where there may be a lack of capacity or over provision.

The feedback you give will be analysed alongside the responses we have received to the new Termly Parents Survey. We anticipate that with these two sets of data we will be more able to accurately predict the demand for early years and childcare provision in specific geographical areas, at particular times of the day and weeks of the year for different ages of children. In addition to the responses to the Parents Survey, there have been many more  ‘Unable to Find Childcare’ forms returned to us. We should be able to match those parents to your provision if you tell us about your unfilled capacity.

You will be emailed a unique link to complete the Spring Term Provider Survey on Tuesday 16th February. Please make sure you check your spam/junk mailboxes as sometimes the email is moved by spam filters. If you are unable to find the link to the survey please email We would like to remind funded providers that it is a requirement to complete and return this survey.