New System for EHC Assessments

The system we use to manage Education, Health and Care Assessments is being improved.

The new system ‘EHC Hub’ will be available from 3 February 2020 for new requests.

If you want to request an Education, Health and Care assessment you will be able to find the online form at:

Devon EHC Hub  or  through the Local Offer, from 3 February 2020

The request is then received and managed by a SEN case worker in the EHC Hub.  You will be sent instructions on how to log in to the system as a parent, SENCo or other professional.

Parents/Carers will receive emails that prompt you to look at the system when key decisions are made, if:

  1. Assessment will go forward
  2. A plan will be issued
  3. The draft plan is available
  4. The final plan is issued

Professionals will receive emails that prompt a log on to the system to provide advice for an assessment.

Parents/Carers and Professionals can log in at any time.

All the information provided in the assessment will be in the system for you to look at.

Online help will be available.

You will also be able to contact your SEN case worker by phone or email.

You will be able to get help and advice for using this system from the Education Systems Team in DCC.

You can get help about EHC assessments from DIAS and/or any other professional you are working with who is contributing.