New Reception intake September 2018

The LA – Early Years and Admissions – has been receiving a number of calls and emails from parents of new Reception children asking for advice regarding the Reception intake. Some have complained that schools have told them their children must start part-time for the first weeks of term, others that they have been told they are not allowed to start on a part-time basis.

While many schools have a very clear position that they recommend that children start in Reception on a part-time basis, please be aware that parents of four year olds have a statutory right to start them full-time from the first day of term in September. This must be made available to them, as must the school’s part-time offer if that is what those parents prefer. It is your decision as a school what pattern of attendance is part-time in your school but one must be available up until the child is of compulsory schooling age.

We appreciate this can be inconvenient for schools and lesson planning generally has a part-time element to it at the beginning of term,  but parents do have this option. Please ensure this provision is made for your parents.