New Provider Agreement Form – please return

Here is the new Provider Agreement. It has been updated with:

  • changes to ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations
  • links to our privacy statement
  • New funding forms – you must use these after today (25th May 2018). Do not use any old forms that you have saved as we can no longer process them.
  • Updated conditions of funding

Please read it carefully; it is important to understand what you are required to do if you receive the Early Years Funding.

After you have read the Provider Agreement, if you wish to continue to receive the Early Years Funding you must completed the new Providers Agreement form which can be found in Annexe B. Please complete the form and email it to

During May half term there will be a reduced number of staff available on the Early Years Funding Helpdesk. If you have any queries or questions relating to the Provider Agreement please could you hold off contacting the helpdesk until the week commencing 4th June.