NEW Application Process for Early Years Individual Inclusion Funding

If you wish to apply for Individual Inclusion Funding for children with complex needs, please speak with your Early Years Consultant who can advise if it would be appropriate.  Funding for children with low level or emerging needs is paid in the 3 & 4 year old funding rate at 4p per hour and is shown on your Payment Breakdown Report.

The NEW paperwork can be found here, under the resources section.

You will find:

  • EY Individual Inclusion Guidance
  • EY Individual Inclusion Application / Review Form
  • EY Individual Inclusion Appendix 1 – Parental Consent

The Application /  Review template has been designed to be downloaded and completed in a word document rather than having paper copies.  The templates will need to be personalised for your setting by replacing the red text and then saved for future use.

When completing a new “Application” you can include as much text as needed and the boxes will expand as required.  The Application / Review can be shared with parents and submitted to Devon County Council via Secure email.  The Parental Consent must be completed for all applications.

The same document, must be updated with the termly “Review” and will give an ongoing record of the child’s progress.

The old Review can be completed for children who are currently in receipt of funding but these will be phased out and we recommend that any old templates saved for Individual Inclusion Funding are deleted as they will no longer be accepted for new children.