Meet the team

We are hoping to introduce you to the Early Years and Childcare Service team. Here is our first staff member profile:

Name: Gemma Cockerham

Job Title: Early Years and Childcare Data Analyst

What do you do? I am a number cruncher in the Early Years and Childcare Service, part of a team turning data into useful information to help plan and shape our service. A large part of my role is working out whether we have enough childcare across Devon and letting managers know if we haven’t. I look at population data, information about housing developments and economic data. I send out and analyse the Annual Survey of Providers that you are asked to complete each January. I use all this to make a best guess about what Devon parents want but please help me by asking parents to complete the ‘Unable to find childcare’ form I created. Using all this data, I write the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment Annual report. I also publish the posts for the weekly Digest and our Facebook page.

Your top tip: Providing us with accurate and up to date information wherever possible is essential as it could affect the services we provide.

Tell me something about yourself: I am a numismatist – a coin collector – I have finished my pound coin collection but there are still some £2 coins and 50ps I am after. I also love penguins!